Daliy use of flour cleaning machine in complete flour mill plant

In the complete flour mill plant and small flour mill machinery, the flour purifier machine is an indispensable part. After carefully debugging and operation adjustment, the working condition of the purfier equipment should be patrolled frequently during the production process, which is also very important for the stability of the flour quality and the service life of the flour purfier equipment.
flour purifier
  • Screen working condition

Check the sieved material, the amount of the sieved material from the feeding end to the discharge end should be even and gradual. If the flow rate of one of the sieves is small, check whether the cleaning brush of the section is moving and analyze the reason. Whether the screen is slack and the brush movement is not normal. If the brush movement is not normal, check whether the bristles are turned upside down or worn too short. Check if the two guide rails are parallel and the reversing push rod can push the guide block. The reversing push rod and the guide block are plastic parts that need to be adjusted or replaced for wearing parts such as wear.
  • Powder cleaning of the suction duct

Although the research and development of the suction system of the flour cleaning machine is constantly new, the most advanced products so far cannot solve the problem of powder accumulation in the suction channel, and manual cleaning is required to ensure the smooth flow of the suction channel. It is best to clean up one class once, and if it is three shifts, stay in the white class to clean up.
  • Loose fasteners

The flour cleaning machine also called purfier is a vibration device. Long-term operation may cause loosening of the fastening bolts, especially the vibration motor fastening bolts and the receiving groove support rod bolts, they should be checked frequently, and if it is found to be tightened in time to avoid damage to equipment or rubber bearings.

The flour cleaning machine of KEMC has following characteristic

1. The exqusite design of flour design in the complete flour mill plant can meet the demand of large quantity production, and the maintenance cost is reduced by the use of no-lubrication transmission.
2. The flour cleaning machine is effecient and can ensure the quality of the product. The double screen can make the flour powder more clean and guarantee the flavor of finnal product.
3. The powder of flour is evenly distributed on the screen  through feeding door to ensure continuous and stable operation and guarantee product quality
4. Aluminum alloy screen with cleaning brush, easy to clean, can prevent material accumulation, have excellent sanitary conditions
5. The optimized suction system ensures that the material has no residual and meets the high standard of food safety and sanitation.
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