Wheat flour purifier
Purifier is applied for purifying and grading semolina and middling in semolina and flour milling process. It is suitable for Durun wheat, wheat and corn flour mill plant.

Features of purifier

  • Exquisite design can meet high yield demand. The maintenance cost is reduced by the use of no-lubrication transmission.
  • Efficient screen cleaning to ensure product quality, The reliable cleaning of screen can ensure efficient screening process and guarantee product quality.
  • The material is distributed evenly on the screen width through feeding door to ensure continuous and stable operation and guarantee product quality
  • Aluminum alloy screen with cleaning brush, easy to clean, can prevent material accumulation, have excellent sanitary conditions
  • The optimized suction system ensures that the material has no residual and meets the high standard of food safety and sanitation.


Model Vibrating motor (kw) Amplitude (mm) Air quality (m3/min) Capacity (t/h) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
4*0.25 4.0-5.0 60-80 3.7-5.6 730*2 1420
FQFDZ50*2*3 4*0.18 4.0-5.0 40-50 2.4-3.8 492*2 1200
FQFD50*2*3A 2*0.5 4.0-5.0 40-50 2.4-3.8 492*2 1200
FQFD50*2*3B 2*0.18 4.5-5.0 40-70 0.4-2.8 492*2 1000


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