Pulse Dust Colletor

Pulse dust collector
Pulse dust collector is used to enhance the quality of the air released from industrial and commercial process by collecting dust and other impurities from air. The dust collector is an important machine in the grain process equipment.
In one way, a flour mill plant equipped with pulse collector can not only improve the working condition that polluted by flour dust, and protect the healthy body of workers. In another way, flour dust is flammable and combustible determined by its characteristic, as soon as the flour dust accumulated to a certain degree, only a little flake or appropriate temperature will cause explosion. So how to control flour mill dust, a dust collector may help.

Working principle of the pulse dust collector

Adopts circular filter bags, the pulse dust collector is composed of tank, enclosure, ash hopper, frame, pulse injection device and other parts.
The dust air or gas in the flour mill workshop goes through the inlet, when it go through the ash bucket, part of the larger particles in gas dust air by the inertia force is separated out, then directly into the hopper. Dust through the hopper into the filter bag and t filter area and trapped into the out side the filter bag. The fresh air goes out.

Features of pulse dust collector

  • The pulse dust collector adopts circular filter bag, which is experimental friendly.
  • The pulse dust collector deal with flour dust efficiently with max air flow rate but low noise.
  • Tangential centrifugal air inlet, which will help reduce wind resistance, reduce bag load.
  • The designing of the access door makes the replacement of the filter bag more convenient.
  • Good sealing, no leak dust.

Pulse dust collector is a necessary grain flour mill auxiliary equipment, flour milling factory should equipped with dust collector in case of explosion happens. If you want more information about pulse, you can send us e-mail, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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