Portable grain conveyor

The grain conveyor is a portable grain conveyor that suitable for conveying granular materials. It is a new type of agriculture and industrial machinery applicable to all kinds of small particle material, food and plastic bulk handling operations. The use of pipe layout can be used to convey material horizontally, aslant and vertically. It moveable feature makes the operation simple and convenient, it also can do transportation task independently.

Portable grain conveyor usage

Application: rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, peanut, plastic and granular materials.

Portable grain conveyor application

Features of Grain Conveyor

  • Through the gas flow in the pipeline, to drive the material handling.
  • It’s efficient, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Very good protection for materials, make the material not be damaged during the transit.
  • Ideal and advanced transportation equipment.
Model KM-SF-10 KM-SF-20 KM-SF-30 KM-SF-50
Max. transporort capacity (t/h) 11 22 37 55
Power of fan (kw) 0.75 1.1 1.5 3.0
power of  air lock (kw) 11.75 23.1 38.5 58
Total power (kw) 4100 4100 4100 4100
Rotate speed of fan (rpm) 60 60 60 60
Conveying air pressure (mm Hg) 1500 2200 3300 3500
Blowing rate (m3/min) 15 30 35 40
Airflow velocity 24 25 25 25
Inlet diameter (mm) Ф150 Ф160 Ф160 Ф200
Horizontal maximum distance (m) 20 100 140 170
Max suction distance(m) 10 25 30 40
Max pumping distance (m) 8 15 20 25
Dimension (mm) 2100*1200*2300 2400*1300*2700 2400*1500*2700 2800*1800*3500

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