Packing Machine

Flour Packing Machine

LCK type packing machine is a complete packing system that can both weight and pack. It is used for flour and other power packing.

Features of packing machine

  • The feed rate of the flour packing machine is uniform and free of surges. The working table is clean and free of leakage. Keep the workshop tidy.
  • Hopper free, this packing machine has no hopper to deliver flour, the bag itself is a container. It can overcome the buffer hopper problem and ensure the bagging speed.
  • Adopts LCD controller and automatic thread trimmer device, makes the operation easy and safe.


Model Weight (kg) Speed (bag/h) Power(kw) Dimension(mm)
LCK-5 1-5 300-500 3.5 960*970*2499
LCK-10 2.5-10 300-500 3.5 800*935*2790
LCK-25 20-25 200-400 3.5 800*1060*2790
LCK-40 30-50 >200 3.5 800*1160*3080


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