Storage Silo

What are storage silos for?

Usage of Storage Silo
Powder | Granular | Liquid Materials Storage

Storage silos are used to store grain, medicine, food, coal and chemical industries.
Storage Type: Grain storage, seed storage, flour storage and starch storage etc.
Construction Type: Stainless steel silos, corrugated steel silos, Bolted & welded steel silos.
Base Design: Cement base, Steel frame base

Steel Base Storage Silo
Cement Base Storage Silo

Features of storage silo

  • The flour storage silo is coordinate with the wheat processing equipment we have supplied.
  • The storage silo is designed by our professional team according to the material that will store.
  • We can ensure that your storage silo is built economically, safely and can be used for years.
  • The capacity of hopper bottom storage silo is from 5 tons to 10000 tons and flat bottoms from 10 tons to 45000 tons in variety sizes.
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