The development of single flour mill and complete flour mill plant in China

With thousands years of flour milling experience in China. The capacity of old flour mill plant is much less than modern large scale flour mill plant. Not only the capacity but the equipment is not as precious and high efficient as the modern flour mills. In the past few years, this kind of situation has improved a lot. And there shows up many modern flour mill plant in the market.
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Situation of complete flour mill plant in the market

With over ten years of drastic competition in flour milling filed. The left flour mill plant has improved and updated their complete flour milling line into modern flour mill plant. KEMC is such a flour mill manufacturer in China that design and provide modern and high tech single flour mill machine and complete wheat flour mill plant and other flour processing machines. As a flour mill manufacturer, we will analyze the market condition of complete flour mill plant. This may be a guidance for those who want to start a complete flour mill plant.
  • The tendency of larger scale
Noodles, buns, breads, and other cooked wheaten food are necessary in daily life, we need flour almost every meal. There are some large complete flour mill plant in the market, the capacity of ever flour mill plant start from tens of tons per day to nowadays hundreds tons of flour each day. Not only the capacity but also the quality has been improved. 
  • The tendency of high technology
The flour mill plant can be combined according to the customers’ need and can be update in the future. The cleaning can be in wet way or dry way. It is also equipped with complete dust ventilating net to reach hygienic standard. All professional engineer can design the most suitable flour mill plant to meet different requirement from customers. Most flour mill manufacturer provide turnkey flour mill plant.
  • The tendency of advanced equipment
New type of flour mill supporting machine has been invented to mill all kinds of flour. For example, there are wheat huller, electronic control dampener, wheat brusher, etc. The can off set the imperfection of the flour mill plant in the old time.
  • The tendency of low cost
As for a complete flour mill plant runner, it is not hard and expensive to start a flour mill plant as old times. You can find more and more high quality flour mill equipment.
  • The tendency of diversity
The complete flour mill plant has different specifications and different capacity form sever tons to hundreds tons. The construction ways also have many type: grouped by flour mill, there are single flour mill plant, compound flour mill plant, and pneumatic flour mill; grouped by grading equipment, there are single warehouse screen flour mill plant, double warehouse screen flour mill plant, small high plansifter flour mill plant and high plansifter wheat flour plant; grouped by cleaning equipments, there are also flour mill plants in different grades. Customer can choose their own flour mill plant according to their needs.
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The development prospect of complete wheat flour mill plant

  • Great market demand
Because of the imbalanced development in world economy, there are still great market demand for small scale wheat flour mill plant (<100t/d). In recent years, the orders for large scale flour plants from China increase. Compared to foreign equipments, China flour mill plants have many advantages, such as low price, advanced and flexible technology design, so they can better meet customer demands.
  • Large scale development
The complete flour plant manufacturers can allocate processing equipments and technology designs in different grades for diverse customer groups. These manufacturers from China usually have their own technologists to make the plan, construction design and equipment commissioning, etc. for turnkey projects. They also keep close contact with local Grain Research Institutes to gain the latest technology and information of this industry at the earliest, and put into their technology design. Therefore, these wheat flour mill plant manufacturers are much more liked by customers.
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