How to maintain a good flour extraction rate of flour milling machinery?

As a special equipment for flour processing plants, the flour extraction rate is an important factor affecting production efficiency. Due to some problems, the flour extraction rate of the flour machine will be reduced. Which causes the flour extraction rate of the flour machine to decrease? Let's take a look:

1, The quality problem of wheat itself: the hardness and impurity content of processed wheat will affect its flour extraction rate. Due to the difference in hardness of wheat, the grinding process and operation are different from those of soft wheat when processing hard wheat. The coarse powder produced by processing hard wheat is less, the fine powder is less, the wheat skin is easy to be crushed, and the power consumption is high. On the other hand, since the endosperm strength is lowered, it is easy to be powdered during grinding, and the number of heart-milling passes can be reduced, thereby also reducing power consumption.

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2, The problem of the flour machine itself: the number of grinding rolls of the flour machine, the surface shape of the light roller and the process requirements will affect the flour extraction rate of the wheat, and the rolling distance has the greatest influence on the degree of crushing. The smaller the rolling distance, the stronger the grinding effect, the higher the power consumption, and the flow rate of the mill is reduced; the quality of the grinding effect is largely related to the feeding mechanism, the feeding speed and the uniformity of the feeding. When the diameter and the rolling distance of the grinding roller are constant, the larger the diameter of the material to be grounded, the larger the rolling angle will be, and it is not easy to enter the grinding zone. If the rolling distance is increased, the rolling angle can be reduced, and the material can easily enter the grinding zone; Poor surface cleaning, especially the higher moisture content of the abrasive material and the greater pressure between the grinding rolls, will cause the material to adhere to the surface of the grinding roller or the tooth groove of the toothed roller, affecting the grinding effect.

How to increase the efficiency of the flour mill?

Under normal circumstances, the frequency of equipment failure is low, and its efficiency will naturally not be affected. During the operation of the equipment, the personnel should pay attention to the reasonable planning and avoid the long-term operation under high load. At the same time, develop the habit of regularly checking and maintaining the relevant parts, find abnormalities, and solve them as soon as possible, thereby improving the overall efficiency.

In addition, when using the flour unit, personnel can also try to add some auxiliary devices, such as centrifugal sieve, loose powder machine, impact machine, gluten machine, etc. These components work together with the flour unit to improve the flour unit. The work efficiency has greatly assisted the increase of the length of the flow.

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In addition, the leather grinding system does not separate the wheat from the wheat mill like the traditional stone mill, but separates the wheat husk from the wheat hull. According to the large, medium and small mai granules, they are sent separately. The heart grinding system is gradually ground. Such a process route is relatively long, but the powder extraction rate is high, the flour quality is good, the grading is as much as possible during the grinding process, and the product granularity is uniform.

It can be seen from the following that the flour extraction rate of the flour unit is not solved by increasing the power of the flour machine or reducing the tightness of the rolling mill. Instead, it is equipped with some auxiliary machinery to assist the flour unit to improve the efficiency of the flour unit. Obtained, which not only greatly reduces the grinding and sifting load, improves the production efficiency of the flour machine, and achieves the purpose of producing more powder and more powder.

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