How to maintain the motor of flour machinery complete equipment?

The motor is the key part of flour machinery complete equipment processing. So it is necessary to keep the motors in good condition.

How to keep motors in good condition?

1. Carefully inspect and maintain the various electrical components of the control motor to reduce the failure rate. The overcurrent short circuit protection device should be periodically checked to ensure reliable and sensitive operation.
2. During the maintenance process, it is necessary to ensure that various parameters meet the standard requirements and strictly control the quality of the replaced parts and the enameled wire. Reasonable and correct operation of each process to prevent hidden dangers of various accidents and improve the quality of motor operation after repair.
3. In addition, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the comprehensive management of the operation of flour machinery complete sets of equipment. For example, in the process of using the motor, the liability system is strictly implemented. The maintenance personnel regularly check the number of inspections every time, observe and monitor the motor, and find out the problems in a timely and effective manner.
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The operator should do regular inspection and maintenance of the flour machinery equipment. In particular, when performing annual major repairs, attention should be paid to the disassembly and maintenance of the motor, the replacement of the bearing cleaning and fueling, the insulation monitoring, the improvement of the cooling system, etc., to ensure normal operation.
When the flour machine completes the equipment, if it encounters excessive power consumption, it will not only increase our production cost, but also increase the loss of equipment. Therefore, we must do a good job in the maintenance of the complete set of flour machine equipment. So, how should we reduce the power consumption of the flour machine equipment?

Here is a brief introduction:

  • Frequent maintenance of the flour machine equipment to avoid the increase of electricity due to the wear and tear of the parts.
  • reduce impurities into the flour machine complete sets of equipment, because impurities are very likely to cause damage to the equipment, thereby increasing power consumption.
  •  the use of good quality flour machine complete sets of equipment can save power consumption, thereby saving production costs.
Through the above methods, we can successfully reduce the power consumption, so that our production costs are also reduced.
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