Is the flour processed by flour mill the whiter the better?

In our life, when we buy all kinds of flour made food, we usually choose products that look whiter, thinking that it will be healthier. Then the flour processed by the flour milling equipment is really the whiter, the better?
the color of flour

According to the analysis, it is not all true. As seen from the relevant data, the whiter flour mineral content will be lower, and some finished products, even with whitener added. From the perspective of nutritional value, it is not conducive to human health, consumers need to choose carefully.

In addition, the flour processed by the flour processing equipment can be classified into high-gluten flour, medium-gluten flour and low-gluten flour according to the protein content. Generally, the lower the gluten, the whiter the flour will be. Among them, high-gluten flour is often used to make bread, medium-gluten flour is used to make buns, steamed buns, noodles, etc., while low-gluten flour is suitable for making the pastry of cakes, biscuits and other fluffy crispy taste.

gluten in different color of flour

Consumers who want to get foods with higher nutritional value should try to be processed or purchased by regular manufacturers. In actual life, there is also a flour processing equipment called stone mill flour machine, although the color is deeper, but the nutritional value is several times higher than ordinary flour. This shows that the purchase of flour can not be seen alone, the overall observation is very important.

What is the reason why the flour mill grinds out the flour thick or not? Common causes are sifting; the gap between the grinding rolls is too small; the method of arranging the grinding rolls is wrong; the parameters of the grinding rolls are not correct; the moisture of the milled wheat is low or the quality of the wheat is not good.

There are nine reasons for the rough or non-white flour

The specific reasons and troubleshooting methods are as follows:

   1. The sieve of flour machine is not fine. Corresponding method: Replace the appropriate sieve.

   2. The gap between the flour mill rolls is too small. Corresponding exclusion method: release the rolling distance, increase the flow rate.

   3. The flour machine grinding roller profile is not correct. Corresponding exclusion method: adjust the tooth profile according to the corresponding way.

   4. The grinding roller drawing parameters are incorrect. Corresponding exclusion method: Re-drawing the recommended parameters in the manual.

   5. The hardness of the grinding roller does not meet the requirements. Corresponding exclusion method: Check the hardness of the grinding roller and replace the appropriate grinding roller.

   6. The moisture in the milled wheat is low. Corresponding exclusion method: Wheat moisture is controlled at 13.5-15%.

   7. The time of moisture-sing wheat is not enough. Corresponding exclusion method: extend the time of moisture-sing wheat.

   8. The quality of wheat is not good. Corresponding exclusion method: The powder rate should be determined according to the quality of wheat.

   9. The operation method of the flour machine is improper. Corresponding exclusion method: Clean and read the instruction manual of the flour machine and master the operation skills.

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