The development and advantages of roller flour mill

The roller flour mill fundamentally changes the original process of the core-skin mixing, and opens up a new process of “core separation” of the flour machine. M6FX, M6FC, M6FY type mills are all roller flour mills. These are small flour processing equipment used in rural mills.

Single small flour mill is one of the leading products of KEMC. In the production process, our company absorbs the essence of the advanced model of flour mills at home and abroad according to the needs of the market and users, and continuously develops and improves the flour processing series. The product is widely used for fine grinding of crops such as wheat and corn.

roller four mill

Features of roller flour mill

  • The roller flour mill is based on the realization of full-air transportation and automatic circulation processing, and successfully realizes the separation of the core. It is a replacement product of the traditional roller-type flour machine, which changes the process of mixing the original skin core and improves the quality of flour.
  • The roller flour mill adopts a new process of skin core separation technology, comprehensively optimizes the working structure of each part, ensures and also improves various economic indexes of the produced flour products. This type of product is a replacement for traditional single small milling equipment.
  • The roller flour mill adopts two sifting structure design, unique powder lifting and grading screen design, which greatly improves product quality and production efficiency. The unique round screen wind lifting process is used, the sifting efficiency is high, and the screen sifting is convenient to replace.
  • The roller flour mill adopts a reasonable and practical wind-powder lifting system, which completes the whole process of feeding, grinding, powder lifting and sieving processing at one time, and has high automation degree, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator.
  • The roller flour mill has a compact structure, convenient operation, simple operation and easy to maintain.

In the flour processing equipment, the roller mill is inevitably used, but the development and design factors of the roller flour mill are not necessarily clear to everyone. Here is a brief introduction to some roller flour mills.

roller flour mills

Advantages of roller flour mill

   The roller mill is the main engine of the milling industry. It has been designed and manufactured for hundreds of years. With the continuous development of science and technology and design improvement, it is continuously improved in the following aspects: comprehensive and meticulous performance; compact structure; the degree of automation of the combination of machine, electricity and gas. Therefore, it can meet the requirements of the milling industry to continuously improve product quality, develop new products, produce stable products and achieve uniform effects. Design materials are accumulated, screened and developed over a long period of time. Countries and design and manufacturing companies learn, improve and innovate.

The overall structural dimensions and requirements of today's roll mills are as follows:

 1. Ergonomic requirements

   At present, an emerging technical science, ergonomics, has been developed, combining human science, mechanical engineering, and electronic technology. It specializes in the cooperation between people and machines, considers the function and ability of human beings to design machines, and gives people the advantages of making comprehensive advantages and weighing various advantages and disadvantages to make correct judgments. It also allows machines to exert high power, high speed and precision. The benefits of exercise; to achieve the best match between the entire person and the machine; must eliminate the laborer's tension, reduce labor intensity and be able to engage in production safely, evenly and efficiently.

 2. Mill design considerations

   The design of the milling machine should be ergonomic. The mill is the main machine in the complete milling machine. It has a large number of uses. Compared with other machines, the operation requirements are higher and more frequent, so it should meet the ergonomic requirements.

   First of all, it must adapt to the requirements of human use, and secondly to meet the requirements of the development of production technology. Human use requirements: The operating scale is pleasant, the detection and adjustment are convenient, labor-saving, safe to operate, and the appearance and color are pleasing and quiet. The requirements of process development: adapt to the growth of unit flow and the trend of high-speed operation, adapt to the process layout compact, simplify, adapt to the trend of equipment shape and volume reduction and cooperate with the development of other equipment.

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